We Deserve Better

We’re building a National Broadband Network that’s superfast, affordable, reliable, and will meet Australia’s needs now, as well as in the future. It is crucial for the future of business, health, education and so many other parts of our lives that we build the NBN right the first time, so we don’t get left behind the rest of the world. Everyone knows this – everyone except Tony Abbott.
25 megs is going to be enough – more than enough – for the average household” - Tony Abbott

This got us thinking...

What would the rest of the world say if they were offered the Coalition’s broadband plan? So, we tried to sell them ‘Abbott’s Internet’.
We thought we’d give Abbott’s Internet a real chance by making it look as professional as possible. We then hit the streets to ask the world if they’d be interested in it. We also targeted numerous countries through Facebook – which made for some lively commentary.
Abbott's Internet hits the world stage
We offered it to people in Asia...
We took it to the US...
Then we pitched Abbott's Internet in the EU...

Impossible to sell

Big countries, small countries, even places we’ve never even heard of thought that the speeds, plan, use of copper and potential connection costs must’ve been a joke. It seemed nobody wanted anything to do with Abbott’s Internet. And it's no wonder given most of them have faster speeds now than the Coalition thinks we will need by 2019.

So, if everyone else laughs at it...

...why does Tony Abbott say that it’s good enough for us? Just like you, we think Australia needs a world-class broadband service, broadband that meets our needs now, and into the future. We need Labor’s National Broadband Network.
A vote for Labor on September 7 is a vote for the broadband internet we deserve.
Authorised by G. Wright, Australian Labor, 5/9 Sydney Avenue, Barton, ACT, 2600